An impression of the kitchen and possibilities for a lunch or dinner at Restaurant de Lindehof.


King crab | Caviar | Phulauri

Kingcrab remoulade with caviar and buttermilk samphire vinaigrette

Pickled kingcrab with salty vegetables, phulauri and crabcurry gravy

Fins of cod, rendang made from salsify, palm heart, burned kailan, bamboo sauce and coconut verbena

Burned langoustine, cauliflower curry, Eastern pork belly, pumpkin lotus toffee, pomtayer and shellfish gravy

Shell baked scallop, black beans, kimchi, spicy mango, soybeans and vinaigrette made of mango chutney

Fins of pheasant, goose liver, crispy gingerbread, mushroom emulsion, fall salad of candied potato mushrooms and pursley served with gravy

Terrine of goose liver, chicory shallot chutney, miso dare gel, apple and date

Baked goose liver, marrow, potato foam, powder of goose liver and ciccioli

Caviar with blini and crème fraiche

Signature Dish

Rendang, preparations of cabbage, gingerbeer ice cream and white soy


Halibut | Vadouvan | Oyster

Grilled halibut, cream van chervil root, pickled carrot, lacinato kale, beetroot, candied potato and gravy of yellow carrot and vadouvan

Poached oyster, salts, pickled kohlrabi, la ratte with sauce made of beure blanc and caviar

Turbot, bonito, bundle mushroom, oxalis, yellow dhal, fa chong, asparagus beans and arrowleaf elephant ear sauce

European lobster, cousa mousseline, yams, amsoy with green curry gravy

Dutch hare back, sauerkraut rendang, Jerusalem artichoke, pad thai, arrowleaf elephant ear and sauce of chatreuse

Surinamese blood pudding, harestew, burned silver onion, Brussels sprouts sauce and purple mustard

Wagyu, cream of kimchi, fermented tubers and sambai gravy

Tartar of wagyu and caviar

Signature Dish

European lobster with apple, curry and mango chutney


Yuzu | Lemon grass | Sake | Papaya | Yogurt

Yogurt panna cotta, burned papaya, ice cream made of lemon grass, yuzu-sake stock

Chiboust made of orange, tandoori gravy, sorbet of bitter orange, choux with praline of pistachios and crème suisse

Chocolate soufflé, passionfruit ice cream, chocolate praline sauce made of turmeric and passionfruit

Grapefruitmousseline, spice cake, coconut crunch, ice cream made of buttermilk and ginger, macaron filled with grapefruitganache

With nut bread, apple syrup, pear and almonds


The unique flavors of the dishes make the selection of matching wines a challenge. From harmonious interplay to strong contrast, classic or new world, on the carefully composed wine list, the choice is unlimited.



Per couvert € 142,50

Including wine arrangement € 210,00

Expand your menu

Caviar € 62,50

Caviar 20 grams with blinis and crème fraîche

€ 62,50
€ 22,50

Business lunch​

Daily changing 2 course menu including coffee with homemade friandises

Per couvert € 47,50

(not on Sundays)

Soenil's ​Signature

3 kleine topgerechten geven een impressie van Soenil's keuken Het is uitsluitend mogelijk om lunch menu's per tafel te bestellen.

Per couvert € 57,50

A peek into the kitchen

Chef's Table

Have a look at all the ins and outs of the kitchen? This can be done at the ‘Chef’s Table for 2’. You will have front row seats in the kitchen and watch Soenil Bahadoer and his team work. At the same time, they will spoil you with a fantastic range of small dishes, some spectacular bites and flavor bombs that make Soenil’s kitchen so special.

Chef's Table

Price for 2 € 350,- excluding drinks.
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